Call Center Script Effective Way to Increase Conversion Rates

Published: 01st April 2010
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A call center is all about services and communication is the lynchpin of their services. To speak effectively and accurately, a good call center script is must for agents who go live and provide answering services. A call center script is much more and beyond than basic answering lines of 'How can I help you'. It is about the improvisations, marking up speech or of the text passage to shorten it so that agent do not lose breath while talking; insert pauses and proper rehearsal of the words or sentence clauses they need to emphasize upon. An agent should possess good improvisation skills to direct the conversation towards a positive way.

A good call center script should be appropriate for both the company and its products. It should enlist all the possible queries and questions; a customer is supposed to ask. Along with a good written script, an agent should possess good improvisation skills to direct the conversation towards a positive way. Here are some important tips to create a good and effective communication tool for your clients.

1) Tongue Twisters: A script, starting from the welcome phrase to end greetings should be simple and easy to articulate. Operators should pronounce the words without accent and easily. The script should be brief in nature and should not have any repeated consonant sounds.

2) Time: A simple hello will be enough for your all global customers. As outsourcing service providers BPO and offshore contact centers have 12 hours of hiatus between the standard time so, a good morning or good evening may not help.

3) Trust: Be patient and polite with your customers. Try to empathize with his problems and create trust. Avoid speaking like a recorder or IVR machine.

4) Temptation: Make your script short and sweet. Avoid temptation to fill everything in between and gush when needed. It is recommended to keep a copy of Frequently Asked Questions as these have the answers of almost ninety nine percent of queries.

5) Test: Never try the patience of customer. Long pauses or hold for a reply can make them feel to never come back. In case, if necessary ask them to call back.

6) Tweak: Edit your script like a ruthless dictator and make it action oriented.

7) Track: See, compare and analyze the changes in the personal and professional performance after making necessary changes in scripts.

A good call center script increases the conversion rates and decreases the dropped call logs. It is always better to work on a call script with a representative from the company because they are the ones who know ins and outs of their product and services.

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